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Roland Andersen  -  Pharmacology Technician Instructor
Roland uses a digital recorder to record hard to pronounce vocabulary words.  While this is helpful to
      students with dyslexia, itís also good for students with ESL issues or with any student.

Mike Biell   -  Engineering Design Technology
Mike is wizard when it comes to using a Polyvision Board, an electronic white board.  See how he uses an
      interactive calendar.

Jack Devine  -  ITEC Automotive Service Technician Instructor
Jack demonstrates his UDL strategy using a document camera that has a great magnifier. His whole class can
      look at parts up close and at the same time.  A great tool for those who need to show small parts (parts, surgical
      instruments, and even fine print)

Donna Maher  -  Medical Office Instructor
Using a Kinesthetic group activity, Donna demonstrates a low-tech UDL strategy for helping students learn a body

DeEtta Ryan  -  Basic Studies Instructor
       DeEtta demonstrates the Three-Column note taking method for math which is based on the Cornell Two-Column
       method.  It is very helpful to her students.



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