Text Box: Instructor Training the UDL Way

Glenda Hanson, Legal Assistant Instructor
Michele Lesmeister, Basic Studies Instructor
DeEtta Burrell, Basic Studies Instructor


Improve Your Studentsí Reading Comprehension






Glenda Hanson

Michele Lesmeister

DeEtta Burrell

Michele Lesmeister explains the process of improving reading comprehension 

Listen to information about the Reading Apprenticeship Strategies by Michele Lesmeister


                        What is Reading Apprenticeship

                                    Written by Michele Lesmeister

                        Reading Apprenticeship Strategies

                                              Written by Michele Lesmeister


                   Strategies for Improving Reading Comprehension

                      Written by Glenda Hanson


Reading Strategies in Action:  (these below are all linked to video clips)

         Part 1:  Anticipatory Set and Objective

         Part 2: Reading Strategies

         Part 3:  Modeling Scanning and Skimming

         Part 4:  Modeling Highlighting, Using Graphic Organizers and Summarizing

         Part 5:  Checking for Understanding, Using Guided Practice

         Part 6:  Closure-Reflection and Independent Practice


           Power Point Demonstration on Reading Comprehension    
                                                           By DeEtta Burrell

           Finding Circumference Activity

                                                                          By DeEtta Burrell


For much more information about Reading Apprenticeship go to www.rtc-rats.org