Using materials in the Basic Studies Dept. ESL Resource Library


Concept Objectives

Learn the major industries of each region in Washington & brief description of jobs involved

Yakima- wine                                      Wenatchee - apples

Bremerton - ship building                     Renton - Boeing

Everett - Boeing                                  Redmond - Microsoft

Seattle - tourism                                 Olympia - government

Palouse - grain                                    Aberdeen - timber

Westport - fishing                              Grand Coulee Dam - energy, irrigation

*(variation- focus only on Puget Sound region: Redmond, Renton, Seattle, Bremerton, Olympia,  Everett  - use only segments of Over Washington video)


Language Objectives

·        listening & writing practice, description language, vocabulary: video activities

·        map reading skills, directional language: map activities

·        ‘to be’ practice, conversation skills, providing personal info: role-playing activity

·        letter writing or oral practice, requesting info: AAA map activity

·        vocabulary practice - transpariencies, flashcards, “I Remember, We Remember” game

·        completing forms, providing personal info, writing sentences - convention application activity

·        alphabetizing, ranking & sorting by number, comparative language:  Puget Sound Business Journal list activity


Activity Ideas

Introduction to Concept: Link Industry to Natural Resources with Over Washington Video

*Discuss regional natural resources & how they are used for jobs/industry in the students’ home countries.  Write relevant vocab on board during discussion.  Compare to Washington state, discuss our natural resources & link to our major industries.  Write vocab on board during discussion.   Ideas: trees: logging, ocean: fishing, shipping, shellfish industry, Palouse: agriculture, mountains: tourism, mining,  Columbia River: fishing, shipping, irrigation, energy (dams), etc.   *variation: Include development & tourism as an industry.  *Pass out Over Washington Student Guide & Over Washington Industry Questions.  *Read Student Guide with students & discuss vocab meaning.  Tell them to use this as resource to answer questions during the video.  *Read Industry Questions with students & review instructions.  *Play video, pausing between major sections to allow extra time & check comprehension/progress.  *Use teacher guide to prepare students for oral quotations heard during video- explain vocab.  *Read answers & discuss topic following video.


*Use maps of each: USA, Washington State, Puget Sound, Renton City map


*use transparency Worksheets


*Show video: Renton & You


*Show flashcards of the major industries


*Use mock WA Trade Convention Booth Application form



·        use industry flashcards to conduct a "trade convention party"-type roleplay activity- each student role-plays a jobs, & shares info with other students as they mingle at a Washington State trade convention.  Practice conversation skills & target language to use, such as:  where do you work, what do you do, why is it important to the area, etc.  Use "Hello my name is…" name badges & mock-business cards during role-play.  Demonstrate exchanging business cards & clarifying info using cards as props.  Follow-up options to role-play:  Ask students to take notes & report back to class one bit of info, such as one of the above examples, or practice "to be" grammar by asking: “what is the most important industry of  X student’s region?”; Using business cards they have received during role-play, write a "letter" to another student requesting some type of info about their region or industry.


*Active Learning

·        “I Remember, We Remember” game - see attached description.  Make your vocabulary lists from video guides & other classroom activities from lesson.


*use Business Journal Lists and other trade/industry lists


Technology in-context Activity Ideas

use email to exchange Washington state info with another class

use email to request AAA map of Washington

use Word to type a short description of an industry in Washington

view sample images of the different industries on Internet (in small groups or pairs)

link to the Northwest Room of Tacoma Library:  www.tpl.lib.wa.us/v2/NWROOM/Hwroom.htm