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Recording Sound in a Powerpoint Presentation
Marcia Arthur - ESL Instructor
Marcia has recorded sound in a powerpoint to help her students with pronunciation. See and hear instructions on how she did it (she used Screencorder to make the instructions.)

Start-Stop Surveying Strategy- Student Assessment
Lindy Peterson, RN, BSN - Nursing Instructor
Lindy uses this easy survey to help her understand the needs of the students.  She puts her survey on Quia, an inexpensive online program, so she can get automated reports. 

Using a Mnemonic Strategy to Help Remember the Order of Operation for Solving Math Equations
DeEtta Ryan - Adult Basic Ed Instructor
DeEtta uses a mnemonic, P.E.M.D.A.S.- Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally- (Part, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction) to help her students remember the order of operation for Math Equations.

Using R.A.P. Strategy for Reading Comprehension
Michele Lesmeister- Adult Basic Ed Instructor
Michele’s students use RAP, which stands for Reading, Ask and Paraphrase, to improve reading comprehension.  This strategy can be used for any type of reading assignment.
Using a Kinesthetic Group Activity for Vocabulary Memorization
Donna Maher- Medical Office Program Instructor
Donna gets her students moving as they learn different parts of the heart.   It is a great way to remember vocabulary and sequences.
Using Podcasting in the Classroom-How to Make a Podcast
Universal Design for Learning Team
  Podcasting can be used to recap and reinforce important concepts, help auditory learners and non-native English speakers, provide support for learning vocabulary and pronunciation, and so much more.
Making Powerpoints Interactive 
Jenna Pollock - Curriculum and Technology Specialist
Check out what you can do to make your powerpoints more interactive with these step by step instructions.
Teaching Clarity Survey- Feedback on Instruction
Lindy Peterson, RN, BSN - Nursing Instructor
Lindy surveys her class asking for feedback on her instruction.  This survey tells her, from the students point of view, what she does well and what she needs to do to improve the clarity of her instruction.
Three Column Note Taking Method for Math
DeEtta Ryan - Adult Basic Ed Instructor

Similar to Cornell Two Column Note taking method for lecture, DeEtta demonstrates note taking using THREE columns for solving math problems.
Using a Personality Assessment
Gary Neill - ITEC Automotive Instructor    
Gary gives his students a personality assessment to help them develop intrapersonal skills as well as being aware of their own learning and teamwork strengths and weaknesses.
Creating Vocabulary Activities in Quia 
Glenda Hanson -  Legal Secretary/Legal Assistant Instructor   
Glenda, using Quia, shows us four different activities to help students with vocabulary  memorization.  See what Quia is about and how to use it.
Creating an Instructional Video for Solving an Accounting Problem
Gail Dugan -  Certified Office Professional Instructor 
Gail has created a short video for her students to view to help them solve an accounting problem.  It is a great tool for the students to use for reviewing the steps on how the problem is solved.
Using an Interactive Whiteboard to Make Handouts
Paul Baeder -  Major Appliance & Refrigeration Technology Instructor 
Paul uses his Interactive Whiteboard to create handouts of refrigeration schematics for his students.  
Using an Activity - Bingo - To Introduce New General or
Specialized Terminology

Glenda Hanson -  Legal Secretary/Legal Assistant Instructor   
This game is used to introduce new general or specialized vocabulary to students and is a variation on the game of bingo.
Using a Document Camera to Magnify Small Parts & Producing Handouts
John Campbell - Major Appliance & Refrigeration Technology Instructor 

With the Avervision Document Camera, John magnifies small parts and schematics for his class and then produces a hand outs for his students.






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