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Resources, curriculum and projects to support civics in RTC Basic Studies classes.

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Martin Luther King Day & 100 Acts of Kindness

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is considered a “Day of Service” or “A Day On, Not a Day Off”.  The focus of the holiday is to improve our communities through action, continuing Dr. King’s dream of a better world. 

Following this idea, classes in Basic Studies will participate in Dr. King’s dream by completing 100 “acts of kindness”.  An act of kindness could be anything from organizing a class volunteer project to giving someone a ride.  Each class will keep track of their acts on a poster board, with the goal of collectively completing 100 by Feb.14.  This project encourages family and community involvement and unites each class around a common goal.  It is easy to incorporate this project into your regular curriculum - there are an infinite number of topics and skills you could address.

Student accomplishments will be celebrated on Valentine’s Day.  We will determine the department-wide tally of acts of kindness and create a display.  Additionally we will award “Community SuperStars” special honors – students will be able to nominate their classmates who have shown excellence in kindness or community involvement.

Jan 14-17:  MLK in the Classroom

Please incorporate classroom lessons and activities about MLK and the civil rights movement.  There are also several related topics you can cover, such as international civil rights heroes and black history.

Jan 17 & 18:  Kick-off Event in Blencoe Auditorium

A department-wide celebration will be held at Blencoe.  I will host some video excerpts and activities about MLK and the civil rights movement.  I will also introduce the idea of the 100 Acts of Kindness challenge and distribute the tracking charts to each class.  Off-site classes are welcome to attend, but we can also arrange a kick-off event at your site.

Jan 21-Feb 14:  100 Acts of Kindness

Classes should keep track of their acts of kindness on the chart.  Check in with students on a regular basis.  Consider ways to incorporate the challenge into your curriculum.  I will also schedule a few brief visits with each class to check in and keep the momentum going.  Students will have a chance to nominate classmates for Community SuperStar awards during the first week of Feb.

Feb 14:  Wrap-up and Awards Ceremony

Once again we will have a department-wide gathering in Blencoe to celebrate the achievements of the classes and award Community SuperStars.

Many thanks to the individuals and organizations who provided these reproducible worksheets. 

Please see documents for specific references.



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